Back to posting! And with a new site!

Hi everyone!

Did you notice the blog is looking sharper than usual? What about our new site? If you haven’t seen it, don’t forget to go there after reading this post.

We had to stop posting for a while, as our new site was being constructed, so things got a little quiet around here.

But don’t let that fool you! We are still working really hard to bring you Chili Mariachi as soon as possible!


Last time I wrote here we were still starting our adventure in Malaysia. Now we are back and I can say it was AMAZING! We met several people who have been in the game industry for some time and shared their experiences with us. Beside the mentors teaching us how to make Chili Mariachi a great game, we met an army of publishers, ad providers, investors and many other partners interested in helping us make Chili Mariachi available all around the world.

By the end of the acceleration program we went to China for GDC, to Finland for Slush, a huge event to connect startups and investors, and back o Kuala Lumpur to make a Chili Mariachi presentation one last time at Level Up, a two days festival organized by MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) exclusively for the game industry.

Me and the Chili Mariachi Banner at Slush

Me and the Chili Mariachi Banner at Slush

Chili Mariachi

Back in Brazil we started to apply all the knowledge we gathered during our international  experience. We are changing Chili Mariachi from an endless runner into a level based game, with a good story line and more boss battles beside the evil Le Shark. Before the end of this month we intend to start testing the game.

Chili Mariachi Map

Chili Mariachi Map

Stay tuned if you want to be a part of our beta test program.

See you soon!

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