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Flappy Mariachi

Start screen for the mini game Flappy Mariachi.

This sunday we at Plug & Boom started an internal game development marathon!

What does it mean? It means that for the next weeks we will be working on new mini games to release for free! Yes, that’s right: Free games!

Our first mini game is Flappy Mariachi, our tribute to Flappy Bird, that can be played on your browser (This game is only available in portuguese).

We propose not only to release the games for free, but also to make the source code available, so if you have interest in learning how games work, give us a like on Facebook and get news of our next releases!

Flappy Mariachi source code

Flappy Mariachi was built in Javascript, using a framework called Phaser. To run the game on your machine you will need to download Phaser and a web app server, like Wamp.

Download our source code clicking the link below and build your own tribute to Flappy Bird!

Flappy Mariachi source code

Best wishes!!

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