Can you face the Sharp Shark?

With Chili Mariachi coming close to launch it’s time we start introducing some of the enemies El Gordo and Pequenito will have to face in the game, and the first of them, showing up right in the first level is Sharp Joe, the sharp shark.

Sharp Joe facing the heroes

Sharp Joe is always followed by his minions, the Arrow Heads. They are as sharp as their big boss, so don’t try touching them or you will get hurt.

To defeat this boss, El Gordo will have to shoot some fireballs at him while dodging his minions and his super fast charge attack!

Shark Cut

Out of the way!

While charging, Sharp Joe gets protected by his super speed and is invulnerable to fireballs, so don’t try shooting him until he stops again, and just worry about getting out of the way.

The battle against him at the first level is just a tease, so it’s not that hard, but don’t let that fool you. At later levels he will come back faster and stronger and give our heroes a really hard time.

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