Chili Mariachi open for testing!

Beta Test


Hello Plug & Boom followers!

Chili Mariachi is finally ready for test, and we need your help with it!

Click the button below, fill in your name and email and start playing right away on your phone or tablet!

The beta version comes with the first two worlds, containing 10 levels each, and an unique boss battle. Do you have what it takes to beat all the levels?

We are developing the game with a tool that allow us to collect data on each game play, so we can track enemies that are too hard and make adjustments to be sure that each level is both challenging and fun. We will also be changing the prices of the items in the store with the information collected, so help us by playing all you want!

Don’t forget to help us spread the news to your friends by clicking on the share button at the beginning of the post.

Have fun!

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