Paying our pizzas with games

Brainstorm do canvas

Hi friends!

Today we are writing to other game developers out there who are still looking for ways to make money with games.

Last week we organized a business models brainstorm, to think of new ways to keep Plug & Boom running and also keep our free mini games every month.

When we build our games, we are always concerned about quality, on all aspects. We want it to play nicely, to have some good music and sounds, that add to the game experience and also we want it to look good. That is why we don’t like the idea of placing ads all over our screens just so we can pay for some pizzas (Yeah, we run on pizzas over here).

On the other hand we don’t want to charge too much for our games. In fact, we would like not to charge at all! We like to make games to be played, and the easier it is for everyone to play our games, the happier we get.

With that in mind, we invited other game developers and some publishers to talk about some business models in the game industry, so we could find a way to keep doing what we like to do and never run out of pizzas.

To help us study and propose new business models we used a very powerful tool called Business Model Canvas. We have used the Business Model Canvas before but this was the first time we invited outsiders to help us come up with all sort of crazy business model ideas. I could only describe this experience as BEST IDEA EVER!

If you are an indie developer, concerned about how to make money with your game but have no idea on what to do, or if you have a startup here in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and would like to know more about the Business Model Canvas, get in touch with us! We will have some other meetings like this and we would love to teach you all you need to know about this amazing tool so you could be part of them!

Hope to hear from some of you indie developers!


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