Plug & Boom at the third MIND

On last Monday (05/11) we have been attending to the third Mostra Mineira Indie (MIND), a gathering of game developers that took place in Belo Horizonte.

Beside showing some of our work on Chili Mariachi and Chili Crab – The Musical Notes to other developers we also could learn what the other developers have been working on, and what games are coming up in the next months. Get a glimpse of the five games we liked the most:

The city of those who descend the stairs

A cidade dos que descem pela escadaThis edition of MIND was also the pre release of this awesome mix of book and game. Developed by Lucas Junqueira, the game tells the story of Igor, a boy who gets lost at the third floor of a building the size of a city, and needs to find his way out. Got curious? Download it for Android or iOS here.

Magenta Arcade

Magenta ArcadeThe guys from Long Hat House were there once again with the game Magenta Arcade. Their game is now on the run for the prize of “Revelação Brasil” at the BIG Festival that happens in the end of June. On this addicting top down shooter the player’s finger is the main character! The game is already at sale for Android and iOS through this link. For Android users it is also possible to download a demo with the first level of the game here.

 Krinkle Krusher

Krinkle Krusher

We also had the presence of Iluisis Interactive, with their last released game Krinkle Krushe. On Krinkle Krusher the player takes control of a wizard protecting a castle from thses creatures full of teeth called Krinkles. The game is available for PS3, PS4 and PSVita.

 Magic Masters

Magic MastersTo see how much Magic Masters evolved since its last show on the fisrt MIND was really great! In this very dynamic game, developed by Mopix Games, a wizard has to protect his tower from a horde of enemies that is trying to breach it. The spells available and the way you get to combine them is getting really great!



Moira is a new game, making its first appearance on MIND. Developed by Onagro Studios to look like an old gameboy game, Moira is a 2d adventure game where the player takes control of a young wizard and his magical wand that allow him to copy the powers of nearby creatures. There are a lot of images of the game available on their facebook page.

That’s it!

A lot of other games where shown during MIND, many still on the early days of development, but with a great potential ahead of them.

MIND happens every two months, so the next one will be sometime around July. Why not come and see what Minas Gerais has to offer to the game industry?

See you next week!

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