No more monthly games (just for now)

Hi everyone!

As we are getting close to Chili Crab e as notas musicais release date (11/04/15) and the project constantly demands our attention, we decided to stop the monthly games for a while.

We are not endind the Plug and Boom Labs initiative, so you can expect more free mini games in the future. We just can’t launch a new every month anymore.

Although we all like the idea of a new game every month, we can’t keep up with it anymore without a negative impact on Chili Crab e as notas musicais, so we decided to put this idea aside for now, at least until Chili Crab is launched.

After the game release we will talk about the monthly games again, so there is a chance we get back to it. Even thought if we decided this is not something we can do, we will be launching some free mini games from time to time.

These mini games are our way of releasing the stress of working on our main projects so rest assured that they will keep happening.

As of now we have been working on a new mini game called Go Go goblins! I won’t say anything about it right now, but I will give you this preview of our characters and their adorable smiles!

goblins goblins and more goblins

goblins goblins and more goblins


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