Chili Crab e as notas musicais: The Neighbor Note Game

Hi everyone! We have more news on the development of our next game!

Right now we are finishing the development of the second world of the Chili Crab e as notas musicais, entitled the Neighbor Note game.

After learning the sequence of the seven musical notes with the Lead Note game, the player now has to use this new knowledge to beat 9 different levels where the Chili Crab needs to pick bubbles with notes inside floating in the screen.

This notes must be collected in a certain order, chosen by the game, but always respecting the sequence learned in the earlier world.

Desenvolvimento do jogo da nota vizinha

Neighbor Note under development

At the back of the screen the player see some shells with all the notes already collected, and the next note expected. At the image above, the next expected note is a do.

To beat the game the player has to fill all the shells with the correct notes before they leave the screen. By picking a wrong note, all the shells moves a little closer to the edge of the screen, and the player gets closer to losing the game.

Beside the notes in the bubbles, the player can also get coins and four different power ups:

  • A shield, so the player can get a wrong note without losing his score multiplier and without moving the shells down.
  • A chili pepper, exploding all the bubbles in the screen that are note carrying the correct note.
  • A snow flake, to freeze the shells for a while, and give the player more time.
  • A joker note, that changes all the notes in bubbles to become the note expected by the next shell.

At each level the shells are disposed in slightly different ways, until finally, at the last level, they are positioned to remember notes on a sheet, to get the player ready for the next world, the world of the Note on the Sheet.

Last level of the Neighbor Note game

Last level of the Neighbor Note game (under development)

If a level is too hard, the player can improve all power ups by buying upgrades at the game store, spending his Chili Coins collected during the levels.

The game is due to be release at April 11. If you have children, specially between 7 and 10 years old, don’t miss it! We bet they will like to learn music with us!


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