Almost there


We are already at the final development hours of Chili Crab e as notas musicais!

With just two more weeks ahead of us, we are ending the development and will now focus only on testing and last minute adjustments. Right now we are working on the game store and translating the game to English!

The store

At the game store you will be able to improve all the game power ups, to help you at the Neighbor Note and Staff Note games.



All the sales happen using Chili Coins, collected during the game. Moms and Dads don’t need to worry about in game purchases. We have no intention of adding in game purchases at any point in the future of the game.

Playing in English

This week we added a new option to the main menu. Now you can change the game language between Portuguese and English!

Main menu with the button to change the game language

Main menu with the button to change the game language (top button on the left)

The game automatically choose a language based on the device it is installed, but now you can change it in the main screen.

Currently the game only supports Brazilian Portuguese and English, but we will add more languages after the first release.

That all for today 🙂

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